Viva Death

The debut from this super-group/Face to Face side project is nothing like you might imagine. Utilising a unique instrumental approach of three baritone guitars (no bass), the band, which features F2F's Trever Keith and Scott Shiflett, Foo Fighter Chris Shiflett and Vandals/A Perfect Circle skin basher Josh Freese, takes post-punk to new gloomy depths. The instruments allow for unconventional soundscapes that create a dark and eerie mood while still rocking out. A song like "Desire Us A Flood" immediately recalls Joy Division, or Floodland-era Sisters of Mercy, more so than the SoCal melodic-punk we're used to hearing from these guys. The vocals are similarly stark and almost inaudible; it's a production decision that works in the context of the disc. Fans of Face to Face may be a little taken aback by the disc, but that's a huge part of its charm. What would be the point in doing another Face to Face record under a different name? It's truly a different project, and a solid, highly enjoyable one at that.