Vincent & Mr. Green Vincent & Mr. Green

Listening to this album conjures up images of boiled rabbits, David Lynch, ’30s female crooners, James Bond, 8MM, and the Beauty and the Beast TV show. A very strange and intriguing blend of experimental beats, strings, piano and sombre vocals make this album different and interesting, but also kind of spooky. Jade Vincent (who goes by just Vincent) has an alluring, sultry, quasi-muffled, but sometimes annoying voice that she uses to deliver very sad songs about life, love and death. Mr.Green (aka Keefus Ciancia) takes care of the rest, ranging from heavy beats, blues, rock, trippy electronica and some lounge-style sounds. What's most interesting is who Mr. Green has worked with in the past: Dr. Dre, E-40, Ice Cube, Macy Gray, Fishbone, Elvis Costello and T-Bone Burnett. He's also an original member of Weapon of Choice and has produced scores for Spider-Man, Cold Mountain and The Ladykillers. And yes, this album sounds more like a soundtrack than anything else; "Like You" is probably one of the most memorable tracks, but as with most movies, it might take some time before you're ready to experience it again. (Ipecac)