Vincent Clarke & Martyn Ware Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

An ambient atmospheric synth sweep album best heard on headphones in order to appreciate the sounds, as they are mixed quite low. Vincent Clarke (Erasure) and Martyn Ware composed this album as part of an audio-visual installation to instil a relaxed meditative state for viewers. In fact, the liner notes indicate the intention of this album was for the listener to play the CD in those twilight moments just before drifting into sleep. Spectrum Persuit Vehicle consists of the sound of air currents, the plucking of harp strings and light, fluffy synth lines reminiscent of Vangelis's more ambient works. Although I do appreciate ambient and billowing synth lines, such a recording need not be so consistently uneventful. As for putting people to sleep, this album does do a good job. Mind you, if I wanted air currents and various modulating noises, I could just open my windows. (Mute)