Villagers "Earthly Pleasure" (video)

Villagers 'Earthly Pleasure' (video)
Perhaps intentionally, the surreal video treatment for Irish indie-folk act Villagers' new "Earthly Pleasure" single doesn't quite add up. For instance, it takes leader Conor J. O'Brien's word to heart in the intro, and displays a dude sitting "naked on the toilet with a toothbrush in his mouth." Shortly after experiencing a mental breakdown, though, his body explodes into a thousand tiny versions of himself... except they're all sporting underoos!

If, however, you can get past the goof, the video also offers up a few other wacky visuals that find our protagonist shooting guns in bloody 19th century battles, or sharing a milk bath with a giantess. You can see all the oddness of director Smith & Werber's interpretation of the track down below.

"Earthly Pleasure" comes off of Villagers' recent sophomore LP {Awayland}.