Video Mashup For the Love of YouTube

Video Mashup For the Love of YouTube
In this user generated content-crazy world of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, one artist has created an unbelievable, unique work of virtual art by doing what the rest of us do on a daily basis: surfing YouTube.

"I found this video of a drummer playing this groove and explaining how to play it - it was so funky that I felt I wanted to play with him," says Tel Aviv-based producer Kutiman. "I downloaded the movie and jammed with it and recorded it - and I really liked the results so I decided to do another one. Before I plugged in my guitar I thought maybe I could find someone else to play bass on YouTube and that was it."

The result is Thru You an online album that features people singing, rapping and playing all sorts of instruments. Ranging from funk to dub to drum & bass and soul, Thru You is not only impressive conceptually but also musically.

"I used this software called Vegas to edit the videos and all the tracks would start with the drums. I would edit a loop and then, same way as I make my own music, I would find a bass line and then search for a guitar and a vocal and just take the videos and play with them until they fit together."

The website was originally sent to 20 of Kutiman's friends with instructions not to share the link. Two days later, the website crashed due to high traffic prompted by the link spreading on Facebook and Twitter. "I wasn't expecting it to blow up this big. It feels wonderful, people have written me the most beautiful comments - and they've made me love the internet again."