Victor Calderone/Various Resonate

Resonate represents the New York house sound very faithfully. Victor Calderone, a long-time DJ and remixer, puts together 13 tracks that shuffle, stab and bounce along. It’s a mix that would certainly move any dance floor into house music, and would annoy those not so inclined. There are plenty of good tracks, such as DJ Pippi’s shout-y "What Awae Wanna,” Babilonia’s tribal "Impress Me” and the gritty vocals of Oxygen’s "Am I On Your Mind?” That said, the disc is only NY-styled house, and often lacks variety. Calderone’s mixing is competent — the tracks are well sequenced and the disc flows very well, but none of the mixes are especially surprising. He includes three of his own tracks, which make use of classic house organ stabs. Ultimately, this disc would certainly be a fun night out, but something only house purists would want to listen to repeatedly. (Statra)