BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jun 1, 2016

The always generous people at Adult Swim are working extra hard to bring us goodies this year. We're into the second week of their Adult Swim Singles Program, and they're melting faces with a download of metal supergroup Vhöl's "Dispatch."

While last week's entry was a twitchy footwork track from DJ Paypal, Vhöl go for the throat with a punishing, Pennzoil-burning attack. Comprising members of Yob, Ludicra and Hammers of Misfortune, they deliver chunky power chords, a rock solid beat, and might metal yells. As it's summed up in the powerful finale, the band are "built to destroy."

You can get wrecked by Vhöl's new "Dispatch" down below.

As previously reported, this year's Singles Program runs all the way into November, and will feature cuts from the likes of Run the Jewels, Tim Hecker, Vince Staples, Die Antwoord, Jenny Hval, HEALTH and many more.

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