Vexers Gangland Ballads & the Death Sex Set

Very simply, the Vexers are a strong, straight-up old-style dark-ish punk band with girl vocals that can carry their own weight. It all plays out in a very solid, if somewhat predictable way, with strutting bass lines and reverberating spacey note-played guitar that fills out the sound despite the lack of actual chords being played. A shifty kind of punk that balances its spotty excitement with a straightforward, contained approach that nods assuredly in a distinctly confident direction. This native tenacity marks a slight distinction for the Vexers, whose often-crowded genre could (and probably often does) lose the group in a sea of punk and post-punk mayhem. So potential is the word. The Vexers aren’t hiding any tricks in their pockets, and consequently they’re consistently tight and directed, but sort of bland. Experimentalism and a well-placed touch of absurdity could really light a fire under these folks. (Ace Fu)