Vetiver Ready New Album for Sub Pop

Vetiver Ready New Album for Sub Pop
Back in 2009, San Francisco folksters Vetiver had the fine fortune of signing to Sub Pop Records. Now they're getting ready to release their second album through the storied imprint. Entitled The Errant Charm, the disc is set to drop on June 14.

The collection was recorded in San Francisco's Richmond District. According to an announcement on the band's website, "This album was made for walking." The statement instructs listeners, "Take a moment to load the record on your MP3 player... Select your favourite pair of headphones, and go for a stroll." I guess this means we'll be forking out for digital downloads rather than vinyl copies.

We don't have a single yet, but you can see the tracklist below. For a taste of what's in store, Vetiver's website has a detailed breakdown of the songs. It contains descriptions like "washed-out, ambient guitar sound," "hazy, layered harmonies" and "unabashed pop." There are comparisons to Fleetwood Mac, Erik Satie and Yo La Tengo. Sounds good to us.

The band also have a number of tour dates coming up, but none in Canada. You can see the schedule over at MySpace.

The Errant Charm:

1. "It's Beyond Me"
2. "Worse For Wear"
3. "Can't You Tell"
4. "Hard To Break"
5. "Fog Emotion"
6. "Right Away"
7. "Wonder Why"
8. "Ride Ride Ride"
9. "Faint Praise"
10. "Soft Glass"