Veryan Weston Allusions

Weston's music comes from a life of musical diversity playing everything from jazz to film soundtracks. The latter seems to resonate sympathetically in this latest release, which encompasses a 78-and-a-half-minute improvised music concert in Bordeaux, France. The music moves in a rather orderly fashion, as if the ruminations of Weston's mind constitute a well thought-out storyboard. There are snatches of melody that create jazz transitions, as well as pointillistic bursts reminiscent of Conlon Nancarrow's player piano steamrollers. Stretches of space drift by like a Bergman movie and it all holds together with a focus that keeps one in place and listening. It really is quite gratifying, though not surprising considering Weston's maturity and aesthetic, to hear such a tour de force conducted in a measured and narrative way. (Emanem)