Évelyne Brochu Objets perdus

Évelyne Brochu Objets perdus
Objets perdus, the debut album from Montreal-based musician and actor Évelyne Brochu, is cast in the soft light of a late summer's evening. Brochu basks in this light and lounges in lust and longing throughout the record. She kisses not only summer goodbye, but the love that grew in the heat of the season.
Fittingly, Objets perdus developed out of writing and recording sessions over the past two summers. The album is a joint effort between Brochu and her longtime friend and collaborator Félix Dyotte, who wrote, composed and produced it. Together they craft 11 velvety, soft-pop songs that move playfully. The opening track "Maintenant ou jamais," for example, has a driving pace that would pair well with a late-night bike ride, while the horn-laced "Difficile" bops along with ease despite the weightiness of its lyrical content.
Between Brochu's delivery, her whispery vocals ooze with emotions, and the warm instrumental choices, particularly the accompanying string section, there's a cinematic quality to Objets perdus. It feels most striking on "Le désordre de ta chambre," where Brochu is like a set designer, listing, in a sing-speak vocal style, objects in a room (Hello Kitty figurines, a vase, and an old carpet from Muji, just to name a few) that were once the backdrop of a relationship.
Objets perdus is a perfect soundtrack as summer turns to autumn but in any season, the album's tender tones will be comforting. (Grosse Boîte)