Vektormusik Interfoliere

Piano, clarinet and trumpet are not your first choice of instruments when it comes to carrying an electronica album. In Interfoliere, however, it’s a natural and elegant mix. A collaboration between acoustic engineer Kristoffer Jorgensen and drummer Thomas Ahlmark — a tribute to the production and polish only the long Scandinavian winters in the studio can give you — Vektormusik reveal a clean and clear audio aesthetic that perfectly carries the ultra-slow rhythms and glitched-out, ambient jazz of the Danish producers. Clarinets bellow through popcorn rushes of glitch, piano notes drift in through delicate guitar strings and everything eventually gets cut-up, skewed and shifted slightly out of tune. All of this is woven into the understated but unpredictable atmospherics, and is calming and artful in both music and mood. (Rump)