Various / Gui Boratto Magnum Vol. 1

Various / Gui Boratto Magnum Vol. 1
It's all too fitting that renowned electronic music producer Gui Boratto, a self-professed foodie, was inspired to name his label after a culinary designation reserved for quality food products. D.O.C. Records, founded in 2013, shares its initials with Denominazione di origine controllata — a set of standards used to certify fine foods like wine and cheese. The Italian certification system also proved to be the perfect inspiration for the native Paulistano's artistic vision. D.O.C. Records was born and Gui's very own Boratto barometer put in place to highlight quality music and serve up the best five-star beats in town.  
The first compilation album curated by Boratto for D.O.C., Magnum Vol. 1 provides exclusive material from its established and up-and-coming family members. The darkly seductive, nine-track journey into the world of Brazilian underground techno features a cast of heavy hitters that includes Monolink, AnT, L_cio, M.A.S, Shadow Movement, Elekfantz, HNQO, Come and Hell and Monotype.
But where Magnum succeeds best is in putting forth a diverse range of musical styles that effortlessly complement one another. For every track like "Lies," which channels minimalist techno, there's a "Driven By You" to add '80s post-punk vibes. It's a hypnotic ride that never fails to showcase Brazil's bold vision of electronic music in 2016.
Whether you're an avid follower of D.O.C. or inadvertently wandered into the deep end of Brazilian techno, Magnum Vol. 1 is a shining example of craft and cohesion at work. (D.O.C. Records)