Various World Wrestling Federation: The Music Volume 4

With a plethora of wrestling inspired musicians it comes as a huge disappointment that the rumoured involvement of actual artists didn’t come to fruition. Artists were more than happy to participate in WCW Mayhem and it’s disappointing that it didn’t happen here. Unless Rage Against the Machine are on here disguising themselves as H-BlockX, who could easily replace RATM on their tour or album. Much like the earlier volumes, this album features some very fine entrance music that one can hear snippets of every Monday and Thursday night. In one sitting the album is a bit much, but selected songs such as Mankind’s “Wreck” and H-BlockX’s “Oh Hell Yeah” can actually get the adrenaline flowing enough to work up the courage to smash someone’s head into a cast-iron frying pan. For those about to backyard wrestle, this album salutes you! (Koch)