Various ...With Naive Assurance That Their Injuries Were Wrongs

...With Naive Assurance That Their Injuries Were Wrongs So, you can't find your girlfriend after the rave; she drifted away on a cloud of chemical bliss, leaving you with nothing but a headache and the temporary impotence that thumping 4/4 time causes (studies show...). Instead of swearing off electronic music completely, better to enjoy some minimalist compositions, as found on this excellent Montreal-based label's first compilation. No glow sticks required, these sounds are warm and light on their own - the sparkling glitches and pops amidst the darker density of work by label founder Mitchell Akiyama, as well as his collaborative project Dacka, which features fellow Montrealer Pheek, who also has a solo track here. Perhaps best known on the compilation is Tomas Jirku, who follows last year's Alien8 release, Variants, with another signature post-dub chamber low end excursion that will please fans of Scorn or Pole equally. Richard Devine is a veteran from the Warp and Schematics label roster, and here he delivers a crackly transmission full of synth tones warm enough to replace your block heater. Lastly, techno-chameleon David Kristian plays a track straight down the line, which separates his ambient and dance-oriented lobes. The rest of the artists are evenly split between Canadian and international talent and there isn't a dud track among them. So, when your girlfriend drifts back and finds you crashed on the futon listening to this, you can match her bliss for bliss. (Intr_version)