Various Wild Planet: Subconscious Communications

Wild Planet is a collection of progressive and experimental-minded electronic music compiled by ex-Skinny Puppy cEvin Key, apparently inspired by the pioneering spirit of the electronic/industrial cassette underground of the early '80s. On this follow-up to the '96 Subconscious compilation, Paradigm Shift, Key brings together innovative artists such as the Legendary Pink Dots, Lustmord, and his own band Skinny Puppy, who were active during cassette culture days, alongside more contemporary projects such as platEAU, Off and Gone, and Twilight Circus. Ultimately, Wild Planet showcases Key's own work and that of his frequent collaborators and associates (who operate under the Subconscious banner), most notably Phil Western who is present on nearly as many tracks as Key. While some of the music on Wild Planet is a bit dated (Skinny Puppy's track is 12 years old, although recently remixed), the CD is an invigorating and wide-ranging audio journey. Opening with the disjointed dream state electronics of Download (featuring Key and Western), the CD includes upbeat, hard-edged techno workouts (A Duck), spacy, late-night ambient grooves (platEAU), huge, echoing psychedelic dub (Twilight Circus), raw, bleepy strobing electronics (cEvin Key solo), drum & bass excursions (Off and Gone), sinister dark ambient (Lustmord, Dead Voices on Air) and a dreamy acoustic song from the inimitable Legendary Pink Dots. These tracks are all currently unavailable elsewhere, so pick up this CD and explore a wild planet of sound. (Nettwerk)