Various Turning Dreams & Shifting Harbours

This collection's back-story concerns a multimedia art installation from 2001 based around a myth of Europe as a Phoenician princess kidnapped by Zeus and brought to a new continent. The European and American artists were asked to provide musical interpretations of the dreams and experiences of immigration. The sequenced results have a remarkably coherent mood and mode throughout, blending old work acoustic sounds with current computer cut-up electronics. Jochen Briessen of German groups Gaston and Taunus provides a pastiche of quiet piano and guitar overlaid with close-edited text and chopped up beats. Americans David Grubbs (Gastr Del Sol) and David Sheppard (The Wisdom of Harry) travel through a rain-soaked forest of indeterminate geography armed only with guitars. Proper folk songs sit happily next to electronic soundscapes over the course of an hour and a bit; a relatively short trip, worth taking. (Beau Rivage)