Various TRR50: Thank You

It’s pretty rare that a label compilation reaches that level of a truly great album, but man, when it does. Portland, Oregon’s Temporary Residence is a label that’s been specialising in the fusion of post-rock and electronics for roughly eight years, and they’re charmingly vocal about disliking compilation albums in the press release for this, their 50th release and debut sampler. Thank You takes extra loving care to make certain its success by culling together exclusive tracks from the cream of their crop of label-mates and friends, guaranteeing top-notch contributions from Fridge, Explosions In The Sky, Rumah Sakit, Sybarite and Parlour, to name a few. They also held a contest of sorts to fill the 24-page booklet with beautiful artwork from such relevant and significant visual visionaries as Ed Templeton and Ashley Snow Macomber. In fact, there’s nothing negative that could possibly be said about this compilation. It’s the ideal dossier of what’s still great about post-rock today. Thank you, Temporary Residence! (Temporary Residence)