Various Traveler 01

Six Degrees's latest offering, compiled by Robert Duskis, is a collection of remixes and sneak peaks at the labels upcoming releases, falling under the broad category of Traveler 01. The track listing has some immediate notable names. Bob Holroyd's tracks were last heard in a brilliant EP of remixes. He is joined by the likes of dZihan & Kamien, State of Bengal and Tabla Beat Science's Karsh Kale and Batidos. The collection is equal parts down-tempo and danceable breakbeat. It is saved from drowning in world electronica anonymity thanks to the sophistication of some featured artists. The undeniable charm of Cuban percussionist Patato comes through in his track "San Francisco Tiene Su Propio Son," remixed by Future Loop Foundation, it is a sexy, tripped-out number and sits comfortably between Euphoria's eclectic Holroyd- inspired track and Karsh Kale's experimentation. The overall mood swings between Brazilian samba with a house flavour and mellow Cuban jazz sensibilities. The other predominant thread here is of the Asian breakbeat variety. Beatmaster's remix of "Rama Communication," featured on State of Bengal's new release, Visual Audio, is brilliant, with a more thumping bass line making the track dance-worthy and more immediate than the album version. The other ethereal number is Karsh Kale's "The Longing." Kale's work outside of Tabla Beat Science still resonates and he is as promising as his counterparts Nithin Sawney or Talvin Singh. This is a compilation worthy of repeated listening because it contains some noteworthy remixes that accentuate the merits of the original tracks. (Six Degrees)