Various Thin Edge of The Wedge

An impressive premier release from Toronto’s newest industrial label, ArtofFact Records, is guaranteed to please children of night with the variety and talent present on the 11-track debut. There is something on here for just about all tastes — ethereal, EBM, Eastern-fused goth and new grave. Fishtank No. 9 do a commendable job of modernising the new wave classic “Situation” by Yaz. It’s easy to hear the Ministry influence in “Hoellen Paradise” by Deathline International, but the band are more chaotic and beat driven than Al Jourgensen’s group. In amongst the aggressive beats and industrial greatness of Noxious Emotion and the messed-up synthetic beats and vox tainted vocals of Cybershadow are Toronto’s unheralded goth talent Ariel. While the track taken is from their debut album, Sylvia’s Dream, it manages to hold its own, as it is distinctly different from the electronic doodlings of the other bands on the comp. ArtofFact has positioned itself as a label that can deliver gothic goodies. (Artoffact)