Various That Trance Mix 2

"Hand-picked” by the editors of BPM magazine, who promise it will "make our dead glowsticks vibrant once again,” That Trance Mix 2 seems to be their attempt to jump back on the bandwagon (yes, the trance backlash has sorta subsided). Amidst the cheesy diva-led uplifting breakdowns is a solid return for Russian trance masters PPK (who build "Reload” out of the pieces leftover from their classic "Resurection” single), some E-friendly Dutch synth workouts courtesy of Tiesto and his pal Ferry Corsten (as himself, Gouryella and System F) and a semi-decent Moby gospel-trance number. But while trance may once again be bursting out the sound systems of whatever super clubs remain in business, most of this music is way too generic to hold up out of context. (Moonshine)