Various Terrors Of The Town 2

About a year after the first Terrors Of The Town compilation's release comes the sequel and it plays by pretty much the same rules with 13 of Southern Ontario's hardest hitting punk and metal bands throwing down the gauntlet with two tracks each. Damn 13 play industrial-laced metal and they kick off the album with their pro-style White Zombie-ish action. There a lot of newer bands like Battlestar and Bangers featured here right alongside more veteran performers like Dynomight, who turn in some of the best tracks here, with lead singer Ruston's vocals sounding great. Hard working classic metallers Cloven Blade keep it real in an Iron Maiden stylee while Action High, a super-group featuring members from the Sinisters and Vapids, be blasting it out in a sleazy garage-y kind of way. Hamilton's Buckshot BB change up the pace with some new wave-inspired pop punk and Vampire Horses cover the always-important horror rock demographic. For some reason Cheerleader are listed as Deathfuck, which is fine and dandy if they want to be incognito, but the photo of them, the listing of the Cheerleader website and the little note that says Deathfuck (aka Cheerleader) kind of negate the whole mystery of the thing. Also of note is a bonus track by Forgotten Rebel Mickey De Sadist, a tribute to GG Allin, a reworking of Hank Williams' "Family Tradition" called "Scumfuck Tradition. (October 32nd)