Various Terror Firmer

Troma, the movie studio behind such trash movie hits as the Toxic Avenger, has enlisted Theo Kogan, of the Lunachicks, to put together a punk rock soundtrack for their new flick, Terror Firmer. The result is a mix of dopey, Warped Tour-style bands and real rock groups. On the horrible sneaker and skateboard hawking side of things, we have the usual crap from NOFX and the bands that idolise them, such as Less Than Jake. From the less whiney and annoying side of things, we have some gems from the Candy Snatchers, Rocket From the Crypt, the Lunachicks and the Melvins. Also good is a streamlined little blaster from the Toilet Boys, entitled "Phly 2000." An ideal CD to record the few good tracks from and then file away snugly under all the other records you just can't seem to ever sell. (Go-Kart)