Various Stickin' It To You Again

Norway's Motorpsycho was the main reason Stickman Records came to be in '94. Since then the label has released 17 albums by the band. Throwing their doors wider in '97, they began to collect other Northeastern European bands with a love for psychedelic and progressive rock - from the heavy, Hawkwind-inspired 35007 to the kinder, gentler Fireside, who track from '60s pop-psych to a Julian Cope place. Along the way they spawned a sister label called Sticksister to handle bands whose music stuck closer to modern indie styles. Representing are bands like Favez, with a quiet/loud emo style, and Kevlar, whose approach blends polished rock production with ego-free songcraft. As a listening experience, the collection provides a mix of musical déjà vu and head-scratching mutations. You might not find a new favourite band, but at least you see that the Germanic kids are all right, too. (Stickman)