Various Sounds of Om

Listening to three remixes of the same song on the same disc can be boring or irritating, but on Sounds of Om, such repetitions are strangely interesting. The folks at the label have assembled a handful of tracks from three of their favourite artists (Naked Music NYC, Naked Funk and Terra Deva), hired some cool, underground remixers to house things up, and passed the results over to DJ Fluid to drop them in the mix. Amazingly enough, there's not a single moment on the disc that's tedious or predictable — even the hi-hats shuffled between bass kicks are dynamic. The tricks lie in Naked Music NYC's "If I Fall." After being remixed four times, the track sounds like a different song each time it's slipped in. "Jay's Naked Spirits Mix" emphasises the softness of its back-up vocals, while DJ Migs sprinkles the beat with organic garage keyboards on the "Deluxe Soul Dub." Producer Joshua gets a little more schizophrenic in hypnotising the groove with positive pulses in the "Dubtronic Mix" and then makes it sinister with eerie synths on the "Mo Musique Mix." Yet, with Naked Funk's "Midnight Calling," the contrasts between Derrick Carter's acid funk-out and King Britt's ethereal jazzy breaks tend to be even more radical. However, none of this would be the least bit enjoyable were it not for DJ Fluid's strategic timing on the turntables. Sensitive to the moods of each, he has the different versions spread out sparsely, and evokes a kind of deja vu that would not have been possible if the entire disc was mixed with originals. (Om)