Various Sounds From Psychedelphia

Culled from Lounge Records’ psych-minded roster, Sounds From Psychedelphia flaunts the wide diversity of Philly’s current psych scene. Each track was recently recorded at Deep Space Studios and a certain degree of continuity can be noted amongst the psych rock-oriented bands (including Three 4 Tens, Photon Band, and Lenola). Going off into ambient frontiers, however, are Transient Waves and Azusa Plane whose “Drinking Scotch with Delmore” is a percussive, avant-garde freak-out. Things get even stranger with “AD” by Bent Leg Fatima, and Asteroid #4 rounds the disc off with “Tricks of the Trade,” a wiggy nod to the olde London underground. Overall, a pretty good indicator of Lounge Records’ fine taste. (Lounge)