Various Smash Your Radio Vol. 2.0

With 23 songs, Jump Up's second wide reaching and diverse selection is guaranteed to have something for anyone with a taste for pop music, in all its many hues. There's pop punk (Telegraph, Horace Pinker), ska-punk ([spunge], Orangetree), soul (Inciters, Porters), punk rock (Teenage Frames), reggae and ska (the Israelites, Deal's Gone Bad, the Vessels, Dr. Ring Ding), mod and garage (MegaSuperUltra, the Stand) and etceteras (the Eclectics). Also, look for contributions from Jump Up! partners and friends Victory Records and Stomp, in the River City Rebels and Naked & Happy. There's a lot here and much of it is very good. Which goes to show why we should all be grateful to all the good people at Jump Up!, who continually prove that the Midwest is not the dark cultural morass of the continent and why Chicago is a fiercely important centre for good music. (Jump Up)