Various Shot Spots: A Punk Tribute to Trooper

Of all the Canadian rock radio staples of the late ’70s and early ’80s, Trooper is probably one of the last bands, except maybe Prism, you'd expect to see immortalised by more than two dozen of this country's best underground punk bands, but that's exactly what we have here. The brainchild of one time Trooper roadie and Dog Eat Dogma member Bob Dog, the disc is a remarkably reverent — so much so that former Trooper leader Ra McGuire even makes an appearance — collection of songs; some well known and immediately recognisable and others not so much. DOA's "Raise a Little Hell," Dirty Bird's "The Boys in the Bright White Sports Car" and SNFU's "We're Here for a Good Time" are particular standouts of the hits, while Davidicus's Sneaker Pimps-like treatment of the ballad "Janine” and Twist's dirge version of "Cold, Cold Toronto" are among the more creative re-imaginings. If there's a truly a market for the homage for the lesser known Can-rock bands, maybe it's time to start talking about Max Webster, Harlequin and Streetheart tributes. (Visionary)