Various Shortbus

If you ever wondered what music could be the thematic counterpoint to a movie that involves a man giving himself a blowjob, then look no further! Of course, to force John Cameron Mitchell’s latest opus into that one salacious detail would do a disservice to his vision. Similarly, forcing the effectiveness of this soundtrack onto the somewhat slight talents of a handful of the artists found here would detract from the overall effect it tries to convey. Of course, maybe they ain’t that bad, it’s just that they seem to be outclassed. Yo La Tengo try sexy in name only, as their "Wizard’s Sleeve” has a fun bounce, but is unlikely to accompany anything dirty or provocative — unlike Gentleman Reg’s apt and insanely catchy "It’s Not Safe.” Yet, of all the unknowns, only John LaMonica makes an impression when he mumbles over depressing plucks to "Take it on the chin.” Scott Matthew makes too many appearances and other mystery acts also drag down the vibe here, which should be light and fun and carefree. Really, what should be a fun celebration feels like popping your cherry: fun for a bit, but disappointing overall and destined to be willed away in a forgotten memory. (Team Love)