Various Secret Love 4: One Is Not Like The Other

Compiled by Alex Dallas and Jazzanova, Secret Love 4 is a compilation of artists collected and produced for Rooftop Promotion, a company whose MySpace friends include DJ Hell, Smith & Mighty and Public Transit Recordings. This LP, however, doesn’t portray these aforementioned artists of electronica as obvious musical influences, instead presenting fresh and mellow folk-soul and acoustic indie rock. It’s a chilled-out and thoughtful album for relaxing or pondering reality to. As can be anticipated with a compilation, the whole thing might not be to your liking. Some of the record bores with its sugar-sweet sound (Roebeck’s "Atlanta” and Clara Hill’s "About You”), while other songs are fresh and brightly lit (Andrew Bird’s "Imitosis” and Findlay Brown’s "Losing The Will To Survive”). If you’re looking to hear some new artists to chill to with your girl or boy, Secret Love 4 just might pluck at your heartstrings. (Rooftop)