Various Scattered Snares: Across the Tracks

The connection between the broken beat sound that’s been building steam from West London, UK and the local talent of forward-thinking Toronto producers is a strong and promising friendship. Marc Mac of 4hero and the founder of Twisted Funk records has worked with and admires the ground (and beats) being broken by Toronto’s Moonstarr and the Public Transit Recordings camp. When it was time for Twisted Funk’s year-old compilation of emerging talent to hit the streets of Canada it was only natural to have the kids at PTR take on the duty of bringing these chopped beats to the masses, while adding a little of their own flavour. Scattered Snares: Across the Tracks is the same record Twisted Funk unleashed with great results, but to show how the bridge is being gapped from Toronto to Dollis Hill we’re treated with cuts from local talent such as Rustic Hut, Greyscale and of course Moonstarr. The home-grown tunes sit very well with the rest of the compilation, making a good thing even better as the new additions bury themselves between the previous cuts and create a seamless flow of beautiful beats. Rustic Hut’s "Fathead Paranoia” is one of the highlights, as Stephen Murray creates a funky and soulful piece with dashes of piano that will surely have bodies moving to its beat. Moonstarr gives us all another dose of amazing MC Voice and we welcome the pair with open arms as she flows and sings ever-so-nicely over a jazz-crammed hip-hop beat on "BB Girl.” Scattered Snares: Across the Tracks is full of nice treats, but the biggest gift is the Canadian talent that measures up with the broken beat heavyweights pound-for-pound. (Public Transit)