Various Sang9

Quebec has been a haven for modern music in many forms for quite some time, but not with such diversity and visibility as in the last few years. Labels like Constellation, Alien8, Intr_Version, Substractif, No Type, Victo and festivals like FIMAV and MUTEK have fostered growth in realms of rock, electronics and jazz inclusively. Dame has been a home for labels interested in improv, new composition and electro-acoustics for ages and now they are casting an eye on the future artists in these genres with Sang9, or New Blood as the word play translates. Over 20 tracks we are treated to power lounge ("Concorde Crash”), breathless world/jazz ("Melanie Auclair”), car crash rock ("Face Dans L’dash”) and a cappella phonetics ("Kareya”). Beyond the music itself, what is striking about the collection is how well it all fits together. Taste aside, there isn’t a track presented that doesn’t provide some surprise and promise. (Dame)