Various The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show

Given that Rocky Horror is one of the punkest movies and Broadway musicals ever made (the music, the fashion, the attitude), it only makes sense that there be a truly punk rock version of it, at least musically. Nineteen bands (some well known, some not) reinterpret the entire movie soundtrack in this brilliantly realised treatment. Cover kings Me First and the Gimme Gimmes kick things off with "Science Fiction/Double Feature” and are joined by Alkaline Trio doing "Over at the Frankenstein Place,” Apocalypse Hoboken vamping up "Sweet Transvestite,” the Groovie Ghoulies to whom tackling the film's best known song "Time Warp" falls and Pansy Division who appropriately enough deliver "I Can Make You A Man.” Also along for the fun are Swingin’Utters, Tsunami Bomb, Ruth's Hat and the Ataris. Cool concept and equally cool execution. (Springman)