Various Rise 13: Magick Rock Vol. 1

This new 13-song offering by UK doom label Rise Above is one of the best stoner rock compilations around. Taking the cream of their own roster (Orange Goblin, sHeavy, and Electric Wizard) and interspersing some of the hottest new names into the mix (Unida, Spirit Caravan, Goatsnake and Drag Pack), Rise 13 is as good a starting point for anyone interested in low, fuzzed out ’70s-inspired rock as one could ask for. Most of the songs are previously unreleased, but the ones that aren’t — Goatsnake’s take on the Black Oak Arkansas song "Hot Rod" and Electric Wizard’s "Witchcoven (Live at California Jam ’74)" — more than make up for the import price you’ll have to swing to buy this gem of a deal. (Rise Above)