Various Rewind 3

For the third volume of Ubiquity’s "original classics re-worked, remixed, re-edited and rewound,” the California label ditches the remixes and re-edits, going for broke with a mind-boggling collection of straight-up covers. Though this does nothing to fight off claims that electronic music has lost its forward momentum, for a breather it’s pretty darn good. Bing Ji Ling turns AC/DC’s "All Night Long” into a JT-style falsetto-athon, Louie Vega (from Masters At Work) jazzes up Chakachas’ orgasmic "Jungle Fever” while Damon Aaron elicits emotion from the Gil Scot-Heron number "Willing.” Some tracks veer too far into novelty — This Kid Named Miles ("Ring of Fire”), I’m looking at you — but overall, the artists take their source material down unexplored roads. Besides, anything that can up the Monkees cool quotient is a fine thing. (Ubiquity)