Various Punkzilla

Punkzilla is a Nitro Records comp with a little more. In addition to the 20 tracks from a whole bunch of their bands, they’ve also included two videos, with A.F.I.’s video for "Day of the Phoenix” featuring singer Davy Havok doing his best Danzig impression and Bodyjar’s "Not the Same” being good for a chuckle or two. Most of the Nitro roster from past and present is on display here, including the Vandals, Ensign, the Offspring and TSOL. There are also unreleased songs from the Damned and the Original Sinners, featuring the vocal talents of Exene Cervenka (of X fame). Plus a vinyl only (at least until this CD) track from A.F.I. called "Dream of Waking.” (Nitro)