Various Punk-O-Rama 7

Like clockwork, every spring a Birkenstock-clad Jeff Abarta sits down to compile the next great punk soundtrack for the upcoming summer and calls that compilation Punk-O-Rama. With stylishly retro "mod" graphics and an impressive roster of artists who'd effortlessly make anyone drool just a little, Punk-O-Rama 7 commands at least some well deserved attention. Naturally, two of the tracks that stand out the most on the compilation are ones that were previously unreleased - one by a peppier sounding Hot Water Music with "Wayfarer" and the other by Division of Laura Lee. The remainder of the compilation's material draws from Epitaph's extensive present-day catalogue, including Millencolin, the (International) Noise Conspiracy, Randy, Bad Religion, the Beatsteaks, and the Dropkick Murphys, among others. Although the CD pumps with adrenalin and punk spirit, it is saddening not to see the raunchy rock and roll nature of the Hives or the New Bomb Turks present this time around. (Epitaph)