Various Project Bicycle

Is there anybody out there who has never been on a bike? No? I didn’t think so. We’ve all, at one time or another have experienced the joys and scraped skin of the most efficient machine and most significant invention on the planet since 1800. Most significant invention? No way, you say? Well totally according to a survey commissioned by the BBC. Enter Project Bicycle, a CD of 11 electronic/electro-acoustic artists from eight countries who were given a sample track of a real bicycle and told to make an "instrumental” piece of music using only that sound source. The tracks varies from katamari style caffeine pop to cranky noise to some pretty slick almost ambient textures, but all in all it comes off as really good experimental audio for kids. The combination of the music and an activist statement on the environmental/community front reinforces my faith in the ability of people to make cool stuff for a good cause. Put this on the headphones when you’re out riding and if you want to have a go at making your own track, the original sample is included for just that reason. (Ache)