Various Post Office 2

If you’re into subtlety, this is for you — but watch it: If you don’t want to O.D. on glitch stay away. This compilation of microbeat from Telegraph features Ricardo Villalobos, Ben Nevile and Fym et Diane, but it doesn’t fly. It’s not that the individual songs aren’t good. In fact, there are many strong songs like Spasm’s "CyraM” and Ultrakurt’s "Jeankurt Jr.” The main problem is the genre relies on subtlety of arrangement but not of tone. The rigid and truncated mechanical and electrical noises seem to vary only slightly from track to track, and with an album full of the same it highlights the narrow scope of sounds the genre sources. If individual songs were placed with tracks that blended other genres in a more obvious way it wouldn’t sound so much like the same thing presented in different shades of the same colour. (Logistic)