Various Plastic Volume 5

Nettwerk's new compilation features some unlikely mix concoctions for an overall tranced-out series of tracks. There are some unlikely names, such as Lo Fidelity All Stars and Sarah McLachlan, in an otherwise largely techno-oriented trip. McLachlan's "Sweet Surrender" gets the trance treatment from Dutchman DJ Tiesto, while Lo Fidelity provide a more indie rock, danceable tune entitled "The All The All." Despite the presence of the big-beat flavour, courtesy of Fatboy Slim and St.Germain's acid jazz-inflected "Sure Thing," from their LP Tourist, this compilation will largely appeal to trance fans. Hybrid's "Finished Symphony," the opening track, and Delerium's "Innocente" are some of the better tracks of the ambient trance variety, with their quiet, orchestral washes and pumping but subtle techno beat. Another recognisable name is Brian Transeau (aka BT), whose track "Shame" stands out amongst the rest. There's a feeling to this overall release that is rather like some of the tracks from the late '90s raver flick Go, with its pummelling soundtrack and drugged-out trips. But nothing here stands out with the kind of intensity that, say, something like Underworld's contributions to Trainspotting or Leftfield's to Shallow Grave might. In other words, this won't win any new converts into the trance genre but it's a mildly pleasant tri (Nettwerk)