Various Plastic Compilation Volume 3

The folks behind this series are pushing these tracks as the best in trance, and ironically the strongest selections on this compilation are remixes featuring vocal styles from other, and often less-electronic, genres of music. Filter's teenage rock style floods an enjoyable angst over Hybrid's breakbeats on "Take A Picture." Moloko's unnamed diva croons in a stylish indigo mood on a radio mix of "Sing It Back" that's goes deeper than the popular club version. But the big surprise comes from Beth Orton. Although she first made her name in dance circles by singing for the Chemical Brothers (who are also featured on the disc), her smoky vocals have never sounded so sensual as on Joe Clausell's flamenco-folk-garage mix of "Central Reservation." Sarah Mclachlan and Delerium are featured as well over more e-ed out, hypnotic beats, but the productions are clichéd by comparison. Similarly, tracks by Moby and BT serve as little more than filler. (Nettwerk)