Various Pebbles Vol. 12 - The World

Wow! 27 tracks of original ’60s rock from all around the world is what you get here, with an extremely wide variety of styles represented. The CD runs the gambit from naïve Beatles wannabe’s, to tough blues punkers, to instrumentals, to avant-garde freak-outs. The record opens with an cool instrumental track from Japan’s Bunnys entitled ”Moanin’.” It sets the mood perfectly with a driving organ line and some wild guitar work. Other amazing tracks include a French version of “I’m Your Withdoctor” by Noel Deschamps, Holland’s the Scorpions rocking out the Standells-like “Baby Back Now” and the ultra-dirty sounding punk-out that is “You’re Lyin’” by Belgium’s John Wooley and the Just Born. By far the most bizarre track has to be the kooky, arty and scary “Connais-tu l’animal que inventa le calcul integral?” by France’s Evariste. He manages to growl in a low “monster” voice, squeal in a high, girl-like voice and sing in a “normal” voice all in one song, which seems to be all about mathematics. At 70-plus minutes, this CD is packed full of fun music, and the liner notes include photos and info on most of the groups. (AIP)