Various Om:chilled

Impeccable production of the wintry Om:chilled CD expresses a warm-hearted and smoothly framed coastal vibe. The blissful down-tempo and soulful bass-y rhythms are cool, so cool that when Headphonism says, "Stay home and chill,” on the first track, you probably will. The songs are deep in the common sound we’ve come to expect from Om. The label has worked with prominent house artists like Fred Everything, Greenskeepers, DJ Heather, Miguel Migs and Mark Farina, to name only a few. With 11 new tracks recorded for this album, Om:chilled expresses both thought provoking lyrics (such as those of Monique Bingham in Tarantulaz’ "They Forgot It”) and beautifully introspective beats. Enjoy the sweet flute sounds of Gil Tamazyan’s "Planktens Cove” and Bassnectar’s intricately moving "So Butterfly.” This inspired record will have us closeting the winter gear, reclining in our blankets and listening to Om:chilled while it snows outside. Look for new records in the series as the seasons change. (Om)