Various Old Skars And Upstarts 2002

As far as compilations go, this one's a keeper, and is jam-packed with some of the coolest bands you may not have heard of, plus some old favourites. Duane Peters and Patrick Boissel sure know how to pick 'em. Besides songs from both of Peters' bands, the Hunns and the U.S. Bombs, there are 25 more tracks by the likes of Smogtown, the Richmond Sluts, Blue Collar, the Worthless and more. Even Mudhoney contributed "The Straight Life," from their new record. Although much of this record is made up of previously released material, it's well done enough to bear repeated listening. If you dig the side of the new school where all the bad kids go to smoke cigarettes and cut class, then this is the comp you need to listen to. (Disaster)