Various New York Noise Vol. 2

Where the first volume of Soul Jazz’s instant classic of a compilation, New York Noise, was filled with integral material from New York’s late ’70s no wave and early ’80s post-punk and outsider hip-hop scenes (groups like DNA, ESG, Liquid Liquid and Rammelzee vs. K-Rob), Vol. 2 swoops even further beneath recorded history’s radar to excavate all sorts of obscure gold from this increasingly important cultural movement’s D.I.Y. visionaries. Thanks to Soul Jazz, fans of noisy yet danceable post-punk and sub-funk can stop imaging what impossible to find music by groups like Red Transistor, Y Pants, the Del-Byzanteens (featuring a young Jim Jarmusch) and Certain General sound like, and move their speakers with the tense metropolitan rhythms these groups have to offer. Besides the joy of discovering the entirely obscure, there are also some rarities by more recognised artists here, like Sonic Youth ("I Dreamed I Dream” from their long out-of-print but soon-to-be-reissued debut), Glenn Branca ("My Relationship,” possibly the best tune from his first band, the Static) and minimalist composer Rhys Chatham (whose "Drastic Classicism” perfectly bridges the gap between Branca and Sonic Youth). Long live Soul Jazz for their ongoing dedication to unearthing the best beats and pieces from underground. (Soul Jazz)