Various Nav Bhinder and Patrick Dream present: Bombay One

Montreal-based label Bombay Records graces the dance floor and avid listeners with a mixed selection of deep house tracks that catalogues some of the best tunes they have released in the last two years. The result transcends sensual dance floor ecstasy. It captures the spirited of Bombay Records' founders' Nav Bhinder and Patrick Dream, who have created a space for up and coming Montreal talents to showcase their work, whilst acting as a conduit for respected house legends such as Derrick Carter and Roy Davis Jr. to participate in a musical melange. Also, the selections establish why Montreal is fast becoming a rich scene for the sweet grooves of deep house music. Bombay One brings together Derrick Carter and Chris Nazuka with the timeless track "Life is a Circle," which Bombay resident DJ/producer Fred Everything remixes to perfection. Apart from more minimalist, instrumental numbers from Atlanta production team KemeticJust and Primary Colours, the remainder of the selection features Montreal deep house/garage DJ Miguel Graca, and the result could not be better. Graca's "Speak My Mind" features the soulful vocals of Montreal talent Darnell Robinson. It's a graceful and yet moody number with pummelling warm percussion. Whilst there may be a movement in England towards a more rhythmically intricate two-step sound, there is something to be said for the 4/4 hypnosis in these tracks, with their dreamy vocals and repetitive bass grooves. It is deeply soulful, and the Bombay duo has produced a mix that is worthy of indefinite replays. (Bombay)