Various Moo Sick

Moo Sick is a compilation of four bands that are signed to Seriously Groovy. It starts off with Emetrex, and never has anyone sung such a sweet little song about having a hammer in their skull. Their music is implacable rock, interspersed with nice melodies. The bass lines attack you and then say, "let’s have tea.” At times they sound almost like P:ano, but without the piano. On their third track "Swimming,” they get a little electronic on us, which makes for a much darker feel. Their other songs are enjoyable, but this is their standout track. Econoline are far more punk than Emetrex. On the song "I'm Plagued,” they sound like some of the bands that you might hear on Kill Rock Stars. Their next track, "Go Team,” has more sound, but less noise. After hearing this song it is almost shocking to have just referred to them as punk. There would be no mistaking Jet Johnson for a punk band though; they are as soothing as a lullaby. This is the kind of music that carries you off. Whereas on their EP, Death Song, they sounded like a Vespertine-era Björk, here they sound more like the Cocteau Twins. Their acoustic song "Donnie,” an ode to Donnie Osmond, is interesting because it starts off sounding like a folk song, but is rather poppy. This is what it would sound like if Serge Gainsbourg was a pixie. Mother Goose is much bluesier than the other bands on this comp. The name complements Jet’s lullaby style, but they opt for lyrics about cocaine, rather than blind mice. Overall, this a very diverse compilation, so it should never leave you bored. (Seriously Groovy)