Various Montreal Smoked Meat

Minimal and adventurous glitch house that for the most part is heavily influenced by the Matthew Herbert school of music production, along with some artists on this comp that have their own clearly defined and original style. Among those that exemplify the Herbert "on the verge of a nervous breakdown with convoluted and claustrophobic beat programming loaded with well-timed clips of clicks and buzzes" are Orazio Fantini's "Make Up," Akufen's "Severed Finger Samba" and Steve Beaupre's "Multipass." Among the artists that exhibit a more singular style is Mitchell Akiyama, whose music seems more cellular, and although it has 4/4s, they don't dominate the piece, rather the beats remain in the background while the sound explorations are brought to the forefront. Also, Deadbeat's dub-drenched primordial ooze-style of avant house with techno noises is always a pleasure to listen to. On the whole comp, Jetone's "Bassbind Sunblind" and Elai Brunelle's "Bridge" are the most spirited and seductive house tunes that inspire the desire to dance, locking the listener into the infectious rhythms. Montreal Smoked Meat is a good comp of Canadian talent that proves Force Inc. knows where to find good music. (Force Inc.)