Various M.O.M. 3

This West Coast surf benefit album is the perfect companion for that grey Canadian winter we are all about to face. The eclectic collection of West Coast jams is like sunshine in digital format. The Brian Setzer/Brian Wilson take on the classic “Little Deuce Coupe” is the perfect way to start the ride off. Along the way the Butthole Surfers add a little bravado to the Blood, Sweat and Tears signature tune “Summer in the City.” Pearl Jam contributes the odd little gem (sans Eddie Vedder lead vocals) “The Whale Song” and Ben Harper’s adds his lament “Wicked Man.” The Pearl Jam and Harper numbers serve as the activist backbone for this otherwise light and optimistic venture. Alison Moorer’s inspirational take on “Here Comes The Sun” will leave the corners of your mouth upturned for a long time. The quirky side of California is also in full effect on Beck’s cut, “Electric Music and the Summer People.” The Lisa Loeb cut, appropriately titled “Summer,” is about one minute and 50 seconds of California sweetness. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chris Isaac and Everclear all help set the laid back mood. Even the James Taylor song, “Gia,” doesn’t make me want to upchuck. By the time it rolls along you’ve been basking in the Californian sunshine for so long that nothing can kill the trip. (Surfdog)