Various Megasoft Office 2003

The fourth instalment of Paris-based F Communication’s Megasoft Office series, the eclectic and mellowing 2003 compilation features many previously unreleased tracks from F Com artists. Perfect for the electronica connoisseur, 2003’s mellowing and sophisticated vibe enjoys both a pop and progressive edge couched in F Com's smooth and subdued aural aesthetic. Jori Hulkonen’s opening track, the plush and melodic "Styrkkarit Laukee” sets the pace for smooth, moody and spacious rhythms. The heavy chords of Jay Alansky’s interlude "Shrink” and LO-Fi’s "Nightsong,” along with Vista le Vie’s "Back in the Pit,” add a jazz flavour to all the lush aural space. They are perfect counters to the soft, soulful pop of Alexkid’s "Turn It Round Again,” which might leave one feeling as if they walked into the middle of a Neville Brothers album and Aqua Bassino’s St Germaine-like "I Wanna Get Down,” which injects a little lighter groove into the mix and quickens the pace briefly. Still, the F Com sound is at its best in the magnificently understated quirky and spacy languid shuffle of Del Dongo’s "Samiscience” and in Readymade F’s. "Me (part2),” a loose piano and strings electro waltz. (Beggars Banquet)